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Mike Marx Jan. 16, 2012
"Yesterday I obtained Kingsoft Office Suite on Giveaway of the Day. I used a few minutes to look at some of the features and was pleasantly surprised with your programs, especially Kingsoft Writer. At work I use Microsoft's Office 2010, working a lot with Word, and found that Kingsoft Writer is just as easy to use. The loading speed of Kingsoft Writer is also fast and I have no doubt that in the months to come I will find much pleasure in using this software.Thank you for a fine product!Yours sincerely."

David Heger Nov. 28, 2011
"I have downloaded your Writer 2012. Good work! a good mixture of features and visual appeal. The paragraph adjustment tool is really useful."

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word processor Kingsoft Writer

Kingsoft Writer Standard 2012 (8.0.3022)

Word processor kingsoft Writer 2012 interface

Kingsoft has recently published Kingsoft Writer Standard 2012, a fast and practical word processor. This version emphasizes student and home word users. It is highly compatible with Microsoft Word, which can create, open, view and edit all Word format, and you can open and edit all Kingsoft files by Microsoft Word as well.

Standard Writer is a highly developed user-friendly word processor overflowing with useful features. It includes a spell checker to automatically proofread your documents, a paragraph adjustment to help you to quickly alter page layout, a table adjustment tool allows you to conveniently increased or change rows and columns and more. So it has the ability to perfect meet your study needs as a student and your word home requirements. >>Compare different editions

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    Features of Writer Standard 2012

  • Highly compatible with Microsoft Office formats

    Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012 is highly compatible with all Microsoft Word files.
    Input file formats: (97/2000/2003/2007/2010) doc, dot and docx;
    Output file formats: (97/2000/2003) .doc and dot format.

  • Tiny data package

    Kingsoft Standard Writer owns a tiny installing package, which is mere 50MB. It is just one-tenth of the Microsoft Word and other same word processors.

  • Multiple Tabs on Standard version

    Standard Writer supports multiple tabs interface that will optimize the windows order. You can open over one document or workbook page on a single interface to prevent complicated task windows opened in your computer.

  • Convert Word file into PDF formats

    It provides a built-in PDF converter to allow you convert all word formats into PDF files including doc and docx. That means you get two software simultaneously, a word processing software and a PDF reader.

  • Check spelling

    An automatical spell check is available in Kingsoft Writer Standard version, which will help you to proofread your word documents automatically through the system, ensuring your spelling accuracy.

  • Word Writer paragraph adjustment

    Paragraph Adjustment

    The most characteristic paragraph adjustment in Kingsoft Office is provided in Standard Writer 2012, which can help you to quickly alter paragraph structure, such as paragraph spacing, line spacing, indentation distance adjustment and more. Learn more>>

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  • Table adjustment function and rich table styles

    It offers a powerful table adjustment function that can help you to conveniently alter the size and number of the table row or columns, and also provides a variety of table styles that you can choose any type of table such as different color, different formats and more. Learn more>>

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    convenient table adjustment tool in word processor Kingsoft Writer
  • Word processor Kingsoft Writer section tab

    Section Tab

    In the new 2012 interface, Standard Writer 2012 developed a new tab that named Section. It includes some shortcut functions which adjust paragraph, you can quickly insert cover page template, insert page number, alter paragraph structure and more.

  • A great number of Templates

    Standard Writer provides a great deal of templates as cover page to directly quote, which covers a wide range of filed including business, resume, thesis, transverse and more.

    word processor Kingsoft Writer cover page setting

System Requirements for Writer Standard 2012

Required Operating System:
Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista(32bit,64bit) / Windows 7(32bit,64bit)
Basic Configurations:

CPU: Pentium II 266 MHz or higher

Memory: at least 128 MB

Hardware: at least 200 MB available space

Recommended Configurations:

CPU: Pentium III 450 MHz or higher  Memory: 256 MB or larger

Hardware: 250 MB available