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How to Freeze Rows and Columns in Kingsoft Spreadsheets ?

Release Date: 22-12-2011

New InterfaceTraditional Interface

Question from Jeff Baker:
I cannot find a way to lock columns or rows so that when scrolling is done those locked columns and rows will remain in the window.

How do I freeze rows of column headings so that I continue to see them even when scrolling down my spreadsheet?
Example:I would like column A to stay in place while I scroll to the right.

We often edit spreadsheets with a large number of rows and columns, and these data always exceed one page, when scrolling, it is inconvenient to keep the line or column label shown all the time. In another words, when you scroll down, the title line will turn to the outside interface to view caused some difficulties. And sometimes, we just need to check the bottom or left part of the data of some rows or columns, we don't want the row or column to move.

For this problem, Kingsoft Spreadsheets 2012 offers a very helpful ‘freeze the window’ function to solve this problem. The ‘freeze the window’ allow you to freeze any row or column in original position to conveniently view the great of data. The specific steps to freeze the window are shown as follows.

To freeze the first row in Spreadsheets, in the worksheet, select the leftmost cell of the cell range you want to freeze. Please see below picture.

how to select the cells before freeze the window

1. And then, in new 2012 interface, you need click Freeze button in the View tab; in the traditional interface, you need click Freeze on the Window menu. The two different sketch maps are shown as follows.

freeze function in new 2012 interface

freeze function in traditional interface

2. Drag the scroll bar; the rows and columns in the frozen region won't scroll. The region is always in the top and the left-most position.

effect after freezing the window

3. If you want to unfreeze or freeze other rows or columns, you need click Unfreeze in the View/Window tab to unfreeze the window.