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Lack of Security in Google Accounts

Lack of Security in Google Accounts

In this year 2018, everyone wants to know your email address. Many people are afraid of getting hacked because their email address might contain sensitive information. Users are usually so afraid of hackers, that they will have a long password just so that it it’s hard to guess. In the case of Google, they have millions of accounts they must protect.

Some make other email accounts just so that the more sensitive ones can be protected. While that does limit the amount of newsletters and other accounts you make with that email, it won’t necessarily protect. The process starts with using others steps to protect a singular email.

According to Google, only 10 percent of accounts use two step authorization. One way to protect you account is to use your phone number. Only you use it, so it will be hard for hackers to gain the information of your account. You can also use your phone number if you forget your password.

Another thing that should be considered are security questions. These questions ask something personal and only you will know the answer. You should give them a try if you don’t like the other authentication methods.

In the cyber world, there are millions of hackers that wake up everyday, who want to gain access of your information. It is your responsibility to take the necessary steps to protect yourself. Few email sites have a singular way of protecting yourself. Google makes sure to have many options when you want to authenticate your information.

There are many guides online of things that you can do to protect yourself. There are many methods to and other email services you can use, consider your options. Just know that your decision to create an email is as important as the other accounts are linked and you should talk with others to see the best option.

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