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How to Restore Your iPhone from iCloud Backup

How to Restore Your iPhone from iCloud Backup

Trouble-shooting an iPhone that is not working properly can be quite tiresome and frustrating. So if it is getting to difficult to identify what the specific problem is with your iPhone, then these step by step instructions will be your only option. In the event that you iPhone device is not functioning accurately you have the option to reset your iPhone device. You can do this following the step by step instructions on how to use the iCloud backup to restore your iPhone.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Restore an iPhone Using iCloud Backup

An iPhone that is cleared from all its past data is going to be a key and essential part of how the iCloud backup is going to restore the device. Also, another key component is an iPhone that has been set to its original settings. This is also known to allow the device to go back to its original state. These two stipulations will allow the iPhone device to be restored by using the iCloud backup.

Therefore, the first step to this process is erasing all the data on your iPhone which will be in further details in steps 1 thur 4.

Then the next consecutive steps that follows will be the remaining steps in order to restore your iPhone Using an iCloud backup.

1. Locate the Home Screen from your iPhone device. Next find the settings icon and tap on general button.

2. Once you tap on the general button, immediately following after it is your reset button.

3. When the actual reset pop up screen appears, there will be two options: Reset all settings, and erase all content and settings then tap on erase all content and settings button.

4. The next pop up screen you should see is an option to choose Erase iPhone. In order to erase your iPhone it is important that you confirm that you want to erase all content and settings.

5. After you tap on the Erase iPhone button, another pop up screen will appear which is the welcome screen. You will notice this screen by one word which is hello as well as the date and time. This screen will prompt you to set up your necessary iPhone credentials.

6. It is important to follow all these on screen instructions in order to setup your iPhone successfully. Keep on going until you reach the Apps & Data screen. Once you have reached the apps and data screen, tap on the restore from iCloud backup.

7. The iCloud sign on screen will now appear. You should sign in to your iCloud account with your credentials. Enter your Apple ID and password then tap on next.

8. This screen will allow you to tap on the iCloud backup that you want to restore your iPhone from. The process will now begin with your iPhone by the selected backup files iCloud Drive. You have reached the end result. The process is now finished and finalized as your iPhone will now be restored with all the settings and data as available in the backup file.

An additional form of backup you might want to consider is using iTunes as a backup. The iCloud backup does not include all the data on your iPhone. Even though the iCloud backup is convenient and simple to set up, you should always consider making a complete backup of your iPhone and iPad devices to a personal desktop computer. You can execute this process by simply using iTunes. So, if you are looking for this process to be successfully executed, then go ahead and complete a backup using iTunes and a personal desktop computer.

Having a backup copy of all your iPhone data is extremely important. Some data includes pictures, videos, music downloads, and all downloaded applications. Your backup copy will indeed help out with cost of purchased applications. Having your backup copy on a personal computer is one of the best precautions to have. So as a secondary plan use iTunes backup to ensure your data is stored.

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