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Best Free Bug Tracking Software

Best Free Bug Tracking Software

Finding the Best Free Online Bug Tracking Software – Bug tracking software helps resolve issues within organizations which arise. Generally used for a companies customer call center in order to resolve any and all problems. They’ve a knowledge base which stores information about the various consumers. Alerting the company when a software bug is detected in their system. In most cases catching it before any harm can come to the customers computer system as well. Bug tracking software is often used by professionals worldwide.

Advantages of Using This Software

There are numerous benefits when utilizing a bug tracking software.

  •  Improvement in work quality
  •  Process simplification
  •  Maintain better control of software development
  •  Noticeable increase in productivity
  •  Allows for improved customer service
  •  Promotes teamwork and open communications
  •  Easy to download

Business owners find the software a valuable tool in which to improve their work quality. Figuring out what the problem is and preventing it from occurring in future transactions. Bug tracking is a highly effective development process that allows companies to spend less time managing harmful computer bugs. Another benefit is having more control over software development, allowing the business owner to stay informed about every step that’s been taken. With the bug tracking system, productivity increases tremendously. This is made possible by team members locating any potential threats and taking immediate action. Since customers come first and are the most important factor to being successful, bug tracking helps to make this possible. Receiving valuable feedback in order to improve customer relations. It also promotes teamwork and initiates communications amongst members, encouraging them to collaborate. Most free bug tracker software programs are easy to download, requiring very little instructions.

Available Free Bug Tracker Software Downloads

There are numerous bug tracking software in which to download, however only a select few can be named the best.

Top Rated Free Bug Tracker Software:

  • FreshService
  • You Track
  • MantisBT
  • Bugzilla
  • Redmine


One of the top tracking downloads is called FreshService. This cloud based software has several variations, some of which having additional features. Figuring out what the issue is and handling it with prompt service. Helping to restore productivity, getting them up and running properly once more. Once an incident is detected, FreshService goes right to work on fixing the problem. Equipped to handle numerous tasks, deciphering those which of more importance and repairing them first.

You Track.

Another popular free bug tracking software is You Track. Which can be used with a personal server or cloud. Managing bugs with close monitoring and various other tools. Allowing individuals to assign specific issues, sending alerts on problems in which are found. According to reviews from previous customers, You Track improves searching potential.


An advantage of using MantisBT is having the ability to design their application accordingly. Keeping the business owner in total control of all transactions. Giving them the say in who has access to certain projects and other important information. Allowing only specific individuals to be permitted to view this sensitive materials. Sending out daily notifications and alerts on bugs in which have been detected.


Bugzilla is another sought after free bug tracking download that’s available. Allowing customers to perform both general and personalized examinations of bugs that are found. Giving them the ability to provide a description of any issues in which arise. From there the software program determines whether it’s a bug that has previously been entered. Preventing the customer from any unnecessary duplications. With Bugzilla users can arrange for tracking reports to be generated at specific times. It also permits for real-time progression on all bugs.


Redmine bug trackers comes equipped with numerous beneficial features.

Such As:

  1. Document and file management
  2. Multiple project support
  3. Time tracking
  4. Email Notifications
  5. Bilingual support

This is just to name a few, just go on their website and check it out. Which they highly encourage customers to do.


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